Yin-Yang Implant Acupuncture

Yin-Yang Implant Acupuncture Gold Coast

Implant acupuncture is a 15 day program that can have highly effective results

Yig-Yang implant acupuncture is a treatment that utilises the techniques of yin-yang with implanted acupuncture. This means that small protein threads are implanted through acupuncture on both your front and back side.

How do the implanted threads work?

The implanted protein threads apply pressure at certain acupoints, or meridians to ensure that your yin-yang acupuncture results last. Traditional acupuncture only applies pressure for as long as your session lasts, however implanted acupuncture is effective for those who require longer lasting pressure to relieve pain.

The process is completed on both sides of the body to stimulate yin and yang, which keeps the body balanced, and increases blood flow and qi.

This treatment can be used for weight loss, maintaining youthfulness and health, and treating many kinds of ailments including asthma, eczema, headaches, dyspepsia, constipation, insomnia, pain and more.

Yin-yang implant acupuncture at Lulu Acupuncture on the Gold Coast

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