Yin-Yang Acupuncture

Yin-Yang Acupuncture Gold Coast

Full treatment of the front and back sides of the body, corresponding to the yin and yang.

Yin-yang acupuncture is a comprehensive treatment. According to Chinese medicine, the front side of the body belongs to yin and the back of the body belongs to yang. We do two treatments, including both yin and yang sides of your body, making the ideal yin-yang balance so the benefits of the treatments are doubled.

The theory of yin and yang is the most fundamental theory of traditional Chinese medicine. This theory hypothesises that all things are either yin or yang, however nothing is absolute. This means that there must be a balance between yin and yang, opposite forces working in a complementary fashion.

As such, your front and back are given equal attention to release and stimulate areas of pain and concern.

Yin-yang acupuncture at Lulu Acupuncture on the Gold Coast

For a treatment which addresses both sides of your body to relieve chronic pain, book your yin-yang acupuncture treatment at our Gold Coast practice today!