Rolling Cupping

Rolling Cupping Gold Coast

Rolling cupping involves the movement of suctioned cups over the skin.

Rolling cupping is another type of cupping. Instead of the cups remaining stationary, your therapist will gently roll them around or up and down the affected area and toward the lymphatic system.

Usually, the skin is oiled before the treatment to assist in the movement and generally leaves less marks than the traditional stationary cupping method.

It acts as a reverse-massage, gently pulling the skin and tissues upwards, rather than putting pressure on them from the surface. Rolling cupping is beneficial for relieving muscle pain and tension, reducing spasms, encouraging blood flow, and as a relaxation treatment.

What are the benefits of rolling cupping?

Similar to cupping, rolling cupping helps the body to circulate and drain blood which has stagnated in the muscle. In doing so, it allows you body to rid itself of pain, heat, and tension. The stagnation of blood in the muscles can be caused by waste products such as lactic acid and toxins building up in the blood through injury, overuse of the muscle in question, or strenuous exercise. These can all lead to stiffness, pain, swelling, inflammation, and even limited movement in the muscle.

By pulling these waste products to the surface, your body’s natural repair systems take over, and your capillaries and lymph system then begin work to break them down, and expel them from your body. This also helps to restore the healthy flow of qi within your body.

Rolling cupping may also be used simply for relaxation, and to promote overall wellbeing.

Rolling cupping treatment at Lulu Acupuncture on the Gold Coast

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