Ovary Maintenance

Ovary Maintenance Gold Coast

The ovaries are organs fundamental to the health and beauty of a woman, and their maintenance can have benefits throughout the body.

How does ovary maintenance work?

Ovarian maintenance works using slow, gentle massage to stimulate the acupressure points that in turn, stimulate the ovaries and to encourage healthy qi flow to the area. It can also be accompanied by essentials oils, such as nutmeg or wintergreen (which are both used for stimulation) for a more comprehensive and sensory mind and body treatment.

What are the benefits of ovary maintenance?

Increasing the circulation of blood and qi to the area stimulates the ovarian endocrine function. Ovaries are organs just like your heart or your stomach, and require movement and mobility to function correctly. When this movement is obstructed or limited, it can significantly impact its healthy function. Regular ovary maintenance treatments can help to stimulate and normalise the ovaries, helping to regulate periods, reduce menstrual/ovulation pain and cramps, assist with twisted fallopian tubes, and balance hormones.

Ovary maintenance can also improve appearance. As estrogen is one of the most important hormones in determining the physical characteristics of a woman, its healthy secretion is key to maintaining firm, bright and toned skin. For this reason, ovary maintenance massage can have anti-aging effects, particularly in women post-menopause, when estrogen secretion has largely slowed. Supporting your endocrine system can help your body to continue to produce the hormones that are essential for a radiant, youthful glow.

Other benefits of ovarian maintenance include:

  • Preventing cysts and blockages
  • Stablising emotions and improving sleep cycles
  • Maintaining a healthy metabolism
  • Encouraging uterus repair
  • Assisting with sex-drive

At which age should I have ovary maintenance massage?

Beginning ovary maintenance young can help to ensure a healthy balance of hormones, as well as regular periods, metabolism regulation and can facilitate a healthy menopause. Women post-menopause can also experience benefits in ensuring the continued production of estrogen. However, as the ovary is an important part of the physiology of every woman, all women can benefit from maintaining its health and nourishing qi flow.

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