Lulu’s Therapeutic Massage

Gold Coast Therapeutic Massage

Are you looking for a complete massage treatment which works to heal both the body and the mind?

Lulu’s therapeutic massage uses centuries-old Chinese massage techniques to offer a comprehensive restorative and relaxing experience that will leave you feeling as if you are floating on a cloud.

How does Chinese therapeutic massage work?

Just like acupuncture, Chinese therapeutic massage works on the idea that the body’s qi (energy) nourishes our organs and tissues and is important for complete health and wellbeing. This energy flows along meridians throughout the body and can be accessed at certain acupuncture and acupressure points. According to Chinese medicine, pain is caused by a lack of free flow of energy and blood. For this reason, therapeutic massage can be a powerful tool to help activate and regulate and the flow of qi and blood in the body and, in turn, relieve pain and discomfort.

Lulu’s therapeutic massage utilises these principles to:

  • Relieve aches and pains in the muscles and joints
  • Manage and disperse stress, tension, worry, anxiety and depression
  • Boost energy levels
  • Improve blood and energy circulation
  • Stimulate the skin, tissues, and the nervous and lymphatic systems
  • Encourage regular, restorative sleep cycles.
  • Relax tired, stiff or tense muscles.

Why choose Lulu’s therapeutic massage?

With many years of experience under her belt, acupuncturist Lulu is well-practiced in the art and technique of therapeutic massage. Her treatment works as a complete solution to support energy levels, manage pain, relax the body and provide numerous health benefits. Precise techniques enable working of the soft tissues, which allows structural changes to occur in the body.

There are many different massaging techniques and points across the body, which in combination, can provide vastly different therapeutic results. In choosing an experienced masseur and acupuncturist like Lulu, you can be sure you are receiving a treatment which is the right choice for your unique composition, and for the condition of your mind and body. In combination with acupuncture treatments, Lulu’s patients can achieve total wellness.

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Lulu’s therapeutic massage at Lulu Acupuncture on the Gold Coast

If you are suffering for muscle pain and tension, or a seeking a complete healing and relaxation treatment, please contact our friendly team for more information, or to book an appointment.