Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment Gold Coast

Chinese medicine lays the blame for acne on several different factors.

Characterised by tell-tale small pustules full of oily-white pus, acne is generally a facial skin disease, though it may also occur on the chest and back. This condition can affect both females and males, and is not simply limited to teenagers.

Some factors which can cause acne include:

Greasy foods: Consuming too many greasy foods can lead to damp heat stagnating in the stomach and spleen. This steams the face, and can cause acne to develop.

Lung meridian: When heat accumulates in the lung meridian, it can be invaded by a pathogenic wind. This wind and heat can also steam the face and cause acne.

Stress: If you are too stressed, your qi can stagnate in the liver meridian. This then transforms into heat, steaming and invading the facial skin as acne.

Temperature fluctuations: If your hot body is suddenly exposed to the cold, or becomes soaked in cold water, heat and your blood can coagulate in the face and head, and bring on acne.

Treating acne with acupuncture

At Lulu Acupuncture, we utilise cosmetic acupuncture needles in the area of the acne, helping to quickly heal the acne, and reduce the visible external symptoms. We carefully select the appropriate acupoints, and use carefully-honed technique which help to eliminate the excess heat and toxins which have built up within the body. This has the added benefit of regulating your liver qi, allowing it to flow smoothly and help with the elimination of toxins from your body.

Acne treatment at Lulu Acupuncture on the Gold Coast

If you have tried other acne treatments without any luck, request your acne appointment with Lulu Acupuncture Clinic today!